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Crazy Crafts Guarany

Guarany colour dyes is a textile dye from Brazil, with more than 90 years experience in producing a wide range of dyes for each type of fabric. Using your own creativity and talent, you can have fun and even establish an excellent source of income using these products – sold though Crazy Crafts retailers nationwide and across sub-saharan Africa.

To find out how to use Guarany products or for inspiration and interesting ideas, have a look at our fun online tutorials

For information on the full Guarany dye range, contact the Crazy Crafts team.


Suitable for dying fabrics such as cotton, linen, jute, ramie, hemp, rayon and viscose. Available in 18 different colours.


Suitable for dying nylon, lycra, wool and silk. Available in 17 colours.


Dye suitable for dying denim fabrics. Available in 3 colours: Dark blue and black.


Maintains the colour of your newly dyed textiles for longer. Fixacor orms a thin protective film that protects colour against fading.Treatment with fixacor is advisable for natural fibres. Fixacor is suitable for treating fabrics dyed with Tingecor and/or ColorJeans.


Tiracor is used in the pretreatment and bleaching of fabrics that need to be re-dyed without damaging the fabric fibres. It can also be used to return garments to their original bright white.


Sintexcor is suitable for dying acrylic and acetate pieces such as zips, buttons, beads and other sinthetic trims used in the garment industry .