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About CrazY Craft

The CRAZY CRAFTS™ brand was launched in 2000

and with careful business planning and an efficient distribution network, it has become the most widely recognised retail craft brand in the Southern African region.

Our Value

Leading the Craft Retail Industry


CRAZY CRAFTS™ stands at the forefront of Southern Africa's craft retail industry. With over 20 years of experience, it continues to lead with innovation and quality, catering to a wide network of retailers and customers across the region.


CRAZY CRAFTS™ is an authorised supplier to several leading retail chain stores. These chains comprise a total of more than 400 stores across South Africa and neighbouring African Countries.

Crafting Excellence

Crafting Success with CRAZY CRAFTS™

Established in 2000, CRAZY CRAFTS™ has become a leading name in Southern Africa’s craft retail sector. Through meticulous planning and an efficient distribution network, the brand has gained recognition for its quality and innovation. Offering a diverse range of high-quality imports sourced from international suppliers and exports to neighbouring African countries, CRAZY CRAFTS™ has captured the region’s craft market.

Boasting over 2000 line items housed in a 1000m² warehouse, the brand caters to sewing, handcraft, stationery, toy, pharmacy, packaging, and gift stores, meeting varied customer needs. Securing sole distributorship agreements with Brazilian suppliers Acrilex and Guarany in 2015 further expanded CRAZY CRAFTS™’s market presence.

With authorization to supply to 400+ stores across South Africa and neighbouring African countries, CRAZY CRAFTS™ has built strong relationships with independent retailers and leading retail chains, reflecting its reputation for reliability and quality. Phenomenal sales growth over the past 36 months, coupled with new supply contracts, underscores the brand’s promising future.

Backed by a team of 12 sales representatives covering South Africa and neighbouring countries, CRAZY CRAFTS™ ensures effective customer service and market coverage. Participation in trade expos and owner Jan Balt’s global travels in search of innovative products demonstrate the brand’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

In essence, CRAZY CRAFTS™ is a well-established business that has experienced sustained growth and success in Southern Africa’s craft retail industry. Through its dedication to innovation, quality, and strategic partnerships, the brand is poised for continued expansion and prosperity.